About This Site

This site is designed to show what’s possible, right out of the box, with the ClickBump 6 WordPress theme.

The site is composed of the core theme, ClickBump 6 (version 6.4.1), along with the new “Stones” template skin. A “skin” is a collection of optimized css and unique, fast loading image sprites. This accounts for the sheer speed of sites running ClickBump.

This particular site is pays tribute to RollingStone.com

What I’ve done here is that I’ve started with a fresh install of WordPress. Next, I created the site with JumpStart Pro. Check this video to see how I create a site in less than 10 seconds with JumpStart Pro (a standard WordPress plugin that does some truly magical stuff)

Once the site was built, I installed the new “Stones” template skin via ClickBump theme options. That instantly gave the site the look and feel of the Rolling Stones site.

Next, to fill out the content, I grabbed some stories from the rolling stones site in order to demonstrate how the ClickBump theme, without any additional coding at all, and via drag and drop, could serve those same stories and media. What’s more, unlike the Rolling Stones site, this site is equipped with responsive design for maximum reach via mobile, tablet or desktop.

Hope you enjoy this little experiment and can see the power of ClickBump!

You can Download ClickBump today and get the Stones skin for just $10 (when its available in a few days)

About the Author

Scott Blanchard is the creator of ClickBump Framework, a suite of web applications developed for WordPress. He lives in Birmingham Alabama with his wife and their two children.

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